Revenue Management Services




  • OASIS reviews
  • Diagnosis coding
  • Insurance Verification
  • Authorizations
  • Billing and collections
  • Denial management
  • Payment posting
  • Billing/financial transparency
  • Key metrics reporting

Recent Client Results

Home Health Agency in the Northwest

-Bad Debt: Prior- 27% Post- 2%
-Monthly Collections: Prior- $329K Post- $451K
-Monthly Profit: Prior- ($22K) Post- $105K
-Increase in % of revenue collected: 27%
Optimized processes, introduced better billing software, introduced denial management.

Hospice in the Mountain West

DSO: Prior- 256 Post- 79
Time to Bill RAPs: Prior- 37 Days Post- 6 days
Time to Bill EOEs: Prior- 64 Days Post- 4 Days
Profit: Prior: ($30K) Post: $127K
Collections: Prior- $67K Post- $252K
Long-dated receivables- Collected 91% of Blue Cross > 90 Days and 94% of MCR > 90 Days
% of revenue collected: Prior- 64% Post- 98%
% of NOEs submitted correctly: Prior- 57% Post- 100%
Trained on intake an authorization best practices, implemented better denial management, focused on working medicare claims, timely and accurate sending of NOEs, Enabled massive growth due to positive cash flow and freeing manpower.

What our customers say

I’m just sad that we didn’t have this service before. My company is completely different. I’m working less and have more time and money to focus on growing. Customer In North Carolina

I have more money in the bank than ever before. I’ve lowered my DSO and reduced write-offs. I’ve been able to experience the personal and financial freedom that comes with excellent revenue management. Customer In Utah

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